QOSS offers an ever growing list of services to you and your staff members. We have formed strategic partnerships with some of the best people in their specialized fields in order to offer you an easier more convenient option to getting all your required offices service needs while only dealing with one supplier, QOSS.

We have formed strategic partnerships in order to offer you an easier and more efficient option for all your required office services.

Personal Tax

We assist employees with their personal tax. Whether it be registration of income tax, Tax registration or Provisional tax. We have a dedicated team willing to assist and adhere to our clients needs.


Our insurance department is able to assist with any type of insurance. From your printer, computer to the actual office itself or fleet of vehicles you may have, our team can gladly assist.

Office Automation
We offer a wide and varied list of computer machinery and software items which are used to digitally create, collect, store, manipulate, and relay office information needed for accomplishing basic tasks.
Cleaning Services

Currently we have a full Cleaning service available, this includes once off cleaning services for your office, or a full time monthly contract service to keep your office, bathrooms and kitchens clean and hygienic on a daily basis.